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It was a truly inspiring Shabbos. It is well known that Brooklyn is the largest of the five boroughs and that more Jews live in Brooklyn than anywhere else in the world, except for Israel. Even in the summer when most people were away on vacation, the BJX continued hosting fellow Jews each Shabbos. Rabbi Moshe Fingerer, executive director of BJX, exerted an enormous amount of energy as he networked with students and built relationships with people whom he thought would benefit from the Shabbaton. His dedicated efforts bore fruit. College students from all over Brooklyn came together for an incredibly inspiring and uplifting Shabbaton, many observing their first Shabbos. The students heard inspiring speeches, bonded with wonderful families and role models, and ate enough delicious food to hold them over, at least, until next Shabbos. She began levolently and caused the Jewish nation by thanking the Rav for everything exile and humiliation. Just as the To- that he does for the Flatbush comrah prophesized, these empires disap- munity.


How I accidentally wrote a Wikipedia page on a layover in Dublin A series of heavy noreasters hit the US east coast over the last couple weeks. This coincided with my travel dates back to Rochester, NY. A lot of snow means canceled flights. A meander from baggage claim to the check-in desk confirmed this.

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Ice-Cream Colors Stylized, Geometric Patterning This was a nod to the extreme modernity of Cubism, as well as, again, the power and precision of technology, espoused by Bauhaus precepts. Neon Nautical Features What better way to remind visitors of the ocean and its pleasures than with portholes and ship-railings? Some of the buildings resemble beached liners. Used mostly for outlining architectural elements, neon lighting, in a glamorous range of colors, came into its own with Tropical Deco.

Chrome Curves and Lines This suggestion of speed is the essence of the Streamline Moderne style — it is an implicit appreciation of the power of technology. Chrome is used as detailing on and within many buildings. Stucco BasRelief Friezes These sculptural bands offered designers endless possibilities for a wonderful mix of ancient and modern motifs and themes. Top 10 Architects Deco Dazzle In the s, some buildings were colored by Leonard Horowitz, to the dismay of purists. In s America, Art Deco buildings reflected the belief that technolStreamline ogy was the way forward, absorbModerne ing the speed and edginess of the Machine Age as well as the fantasies of science fiction and even a tinge of ancient mysticism.

The thrilling new style was just what was needed to counteract the gloom of the Great Depression and give Americans a coherent vision for the future. Fortunately, Barbara Baer Capitman fought a famous battle to preserve the buildings. The Miami Beach Historic District was designated in

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Here’s an index of Tom’s articles in Microprocessor Report. A few articles have free links. Microprocessor Report articles are also available in print issues. For more information, visit the MPR website. Arteris Upgrades NoC for AI [Brief Item] Whereas human intelligence lives in neurons and synapses, artificial intelligence resides in transistors and wires.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet.

Even those appalled by his offense must surely find sufficient compassion in their hearts to be gladdened by his long-awaited release, having more than paid for his unlawful actions many years ago. Today Pollard is a frail and sickly man, far from a threat to American security, anxious only to live out his remaining years with a small measure of comfort and tranquility. By the terms of his release, he will be denied the one dream most precious to him, the one hope for which he prayed while fulfi lling the terms of his sentence.

Jonathan Pollard wants to end his days on earth together with his wife in the land of Israel. And this, the American government has told him, he is not allowed to do for at least five years. What is the rationale for this cruel ruling? But, with galling hypocrisy, that is a policy which America chose for itself but never deemed necessary when it came to Israel. These were butchers of innocent civilians, men, women, children and infants.

These were terrorists guilty of the cruelest and most barbaric acts imaginable. At White House urging, all too often, Israel complied. And brutal murderers became Palestinian national heroes, released killers turned into heroic role models for a new Arab generation to be guided by hatred and brainwashed into martyrdom. This is how the Palestinian authority entices future terrorists by offering them an opportunity for future glory and honor.

Those who have killed the greatest number are paid the greatest honor.


The protest forced to flee, reviving memories of the deadly copy-cat anti-immigrant attacks of mid and mid ; the police arrested more than Days later, the same thing happened twice in Cape Town, at the huge Mitchells Plains township and close to the International Airport, with community xenophobes targeting Somali-owned spaza shops. Cretins from the Western Cape provincial African National Congress ANC executive had fuelled these flames with a blatant policy proposal aimed at outlawing foreign-owned shops.

One protester was killed and two others injured, run over at 4am by a motorist who has been charged with culpable homicide, though he claims he was innocently trying to escape the blockade. I witnessed two other manifestations of social unrest last week in South Durban. These include Clairwood, where Indian and African residents, ranging from the middle-class to shackdwellers, have been oppressed by illegal trucking and toxic petro-chemical operations for years.

JoJo Fletcher Spills About Her Fashion Line and Wedding Dress Plans Josh Duhamel and Eiza Gonzalez Split After Five Months of Dating Products. Smart Watch Fitness Tracker READ Heart Rate Monitor Blood Pressure Bracelet Pedometer Activity Tracker Sleep Monitoring Call SMS SNS Remind Watch for Android IOS Valentine’s Day Gift.

Here’s an index of Tom’s articles in Microprocessor Report. A few articles have free links. Microprocessor Report articles are also available in print issues. For more information, visit the MPR website. Another ARM-based processor pushed clock speeds to 3. In media processors, 4K-resolution video, high dynamic range HDR , and new content-protection schemes are becoming standard. The ARM architecture continues to steamroll through the industry, dominating almost all new designs.

The usual exception is Intel, whose new Skylake-SP embedded processors raise the performance bar. FPGAs made headlines in , too. They’re winning more sockets in emerging markets, such as autonomous vehicles and machine learning. Perhaps the biggest surprise of was more industry consolidation. We had expected the pace of acquisitions to slow after the merger mania of the previous two years, if only because fewer companies were left to acquire.

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Based on the book “Vengeance: During the Games in Munich, eleven Israeli athletes are taken hostage and murdered by a Palestinian terrorist group known as Black September. Follows gladiators through their training, choice of costumes, weapons and style of combat to their rise to stardom and their inevitable violent death. Includes blunders in football, golf, hockey, basketball, soccer, baseball, etc.

Here’s an index of Tom’s articles in Microprocessor Report. All articles are online in HTML and PDF formats for paid subscribers. (A few articles have free links.) Microprocessor Report articles are also available in print issues. For more information, visit the MPR website.

Could I send you some e-hugs? He seemed to be picked on, more often than not, culminating in an awful blowout loss in Baltimore in Week The Ravens targeted him often and he was abused by Torrey Smith for five catches, 88 yards and a touchdown. But the episode highlights how Amazon isevolving from an online retailer into a competitive provider ofinformation technology and services to big companies, andgovernment bodies.

This step helps to protect the buyer if they were misrepresented on the facts they were sold on. Once the hatch is opened, the crew will begin unloading the cargo. Once emptied, Progress 52 will remain docked, allowing station members to fill it with waste, unneeded equipment and other material. We would run the course in sections, taking it in turns to lead, with those following trying to pass at every opportunity. Approximately 80 percent of the government is still operating as usual, including Congress itself, but the budget cuts were devastating to science.

Just how far are you going to take manipulating the oil and electric market! I say you corrupt gamblers need not to be allowed to gamble with others people money! There is an obvious conflict of interests where the investors are crossing a dangerous line with being stockpilers of the very things they trade on especially if they horde the oil or try to jack up price of electricity. This should be a function of the SEC, the public service commission or some other actual government agency that is accountable to the American people and not the scam confidence ponzi artist like the federal reserve Danial – [ Incredible as it may seem, the beaches, which are backed by undulating cliffs created by volcanic eruptions, are mostly totally unspoilt.

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He is quietly known in the community and in certain circles to be gay. But he never mentioned it in his run for state treasurer, nor did he mention it on the floor of the state senate during debate over the civil unions bill. He also was the lone Republican who voted for the bill, so his “challenging the system from the inside” was unable to convince a single member of his party of his position. Of course, if you won’t say “gay” out loud and act ashamed of yourself, it’s easy for them to consider you shameful.

So I doubt he would get much involved in this little contest.

Salim Rajan – Co Founder & Chief Executive Officer. Hi I’m Salim, one of the proud founders of I harbor a tremendous passion for new and insightful things, and have a gift of closely predicting the trends that could impact tomorrow.

Why did Bob Tuschman leave or ousted? I’ve hated Zakarian ever since he said some dumb shit about President Obama not being ‘dignified’ or something. I try to ignore him on Chopped. She always has to butt in before they are finished to rapidly confirm she is thinking the same thing. That’s her great weakness. I loved her real kitchen in her real house. The show jumped the shark then. Have you ever watched his DDD show?

He loves black people, asian people, latino people, and white people. I did hear that he had a problem with gay people, though.

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A classroom lecture on how to read maps, emphasizing topography. A classroom lecture on how to read maps. Focuses on the use of baselines and principal meridians to delineate townships and ranges. Powers of ten was originally produced as a motion picture in

Aug 20,  · COUNTRY LIFE ® AUGUST 20, EVERY WEEK Discover your perfect weekend home ‘I promise I will do my best’: years of the Brownies How Nancy Lancaster created the .

Watch the trailer here: Masters of Sex Seasons Based on the biography of real-life sex researchers Dr William Masters and Virginia Johnson from the s to the s, this critically acclaimed period drama offers something unusual for the genre – bucket-loads of female orgasms. Outlander Season 1 The show follows the story of Claire Randall, a married combat nurse from who is mysteriously swept back in time to , where she is immediately thrown into an unknown world where her life is threatened.

When she is forced to marry Jamie Fraser, a chivalrous and romantic young Scottish warrior, a passionate relationship is ignited that tears Claire’s heart between two vastly different men in two irreconcilable lives. I Love Dick From the creator of Transparent, and also starring the brilliant Kathryn Hahn, this explicit show is based on the feminist novel of the same name.

Hahn plays Chris, an artist who follows her husband to Texas, where he takes up a research fellowship under the sponsorship of a man called Dick Kevin Bacon. Available on Amazon Prime.

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Senegal has been hit hard by the world economic crisis and it is faced with serious difficulties including a lack of transparency in State institutions and a lack of long term planning. This has made the country more vulnerable to natural disasters, but the Government has no effective plans to cope with these or to protect the population. Another serious challenge is deforestation, which is mainly due to the demand for fuel, and it is an ecological time bomb.

Social unrest is on the increase and in the last year various sectors of society have taken to the streets in demonstrations calling for adequate governance.

The poverty and inequality that continue to dog that region, especially the Moro and lumad (indigenous) areas, are rooted in historical injustices and discrimination dating back to the colonial past and perpetuated by a succession of post-colonial regimes.

Dam Square This is where it all started: Now it hosts markets, events and all shades of city life see pp34—5. A more beautiful stretch lies between Huidenstraat and Leidsestraat, best viewed from the east side. Keizersgracht The central canal of the Grachtengordel has fine stretches between Brouwersgracht and Raadhuisstraat, and again between Runstraat and Leidestraat. Cycle its 3 km 2 mile length, or explore short stretches on foot. Look out for Nos 57, 59 and Leidsegracht This lovely — and exclusive — canal was cut in , when it was the main barge route from Amsterdam to Leiden.

Some reach even further, to a second layer of sand at 18 m 58 ft. If piles come into contact with air, they rot, so today, concrete is used instead of wood.

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Donald Trump’s electoral campaign was notable for his abrasive statements and blunt assessments about a variety of issues. Among his more unforgettable claims was his suggestion that NATO was “obsolete. Visit Hot Springs has welcomed back a former sales manager to the new role of convention services manager and expanded the role of its special events manager to include director of marketing.

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Realising that the Shifters are a threat, the Jedi virtually wipe out their entire race of the Stennes species. This race of near-humans has the ability to blend into any crowd. They resemble short, pale-skinned humans with sunken eye sockets and no hair. Scientists believe that the Stennes Shifter is a genetic variant of the Stennes race. They were discovered by the ancient Jedi Knights, for the Stennes Shifters had a strange kind of Force sensitivity which allowed them to obtain energy from the Living Force.

The Shifters can even “steal” the living energy from a nearby being, earning them the nickname “Force-eaters. They are xenophobic in nature, partly because of their own inborn prejudices and partly from persecution by other races. Their homeworld of Stennaros has been bombarded several times since their appearance, in efforts to wipe them out.

Unlike other species that can alter their physical appearance, the Stennes Shifters use telepathic manipulation to change their shape.

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