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This page will show how highly respected journalist Mike Munro, presenter of the series LAWLESS, unwittingly has been led astray by pseudo archaeology, and sanctioned by officialdom, for the purpose to dumb down future visitors to Stringy-Bark Creek North of Mansfield, where the police were shot by the Kelly gang All shrange considering one would think this topic involving law enforcements would allow lawless dishonesty sweep aside years of dedicated researchers? Since that time nothing has been done to undertake any proper archaeological work to verify the sites. Steve Hodder It will be years this week since notorious bushranger Ned Kelly was hanged in a Victorian prison for the murder of police constable Thomas Lonigan. Note; thumbnail left shows Dan Kelly’s helmet! Throughout a long life her actions and views were governed by an hereditary bias of revolt due to her birth.


Ecological impact of the dingo after its arrival in Mainland Australia The thylacine is likely to have become near-extinct in mainland Australia about 2, years ago, and possibly earlier in New Guinea. Doubts exist over the impact of the dingo since the two species would not have been in direct competition with one another as the dingo hunts primarily during the day , whereas it is thought that the thylacine hunted mostly at night.

In addition, the thylacine had a more powerful build, which would have given it an advantage in one-on-one encounters. The thylacine was also much less versatile in diet than the omnivorous dingo. The adoption of the dingo as a hunting companion by the indigenous peoples would have put the thylacine under increased pressure. The results show that the humans were obviously one of the major factors in the extinction of many species in Australia.

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Attacked the Greens for not having family values. Opposed paid parental leave. Said she didn’t believe in gay marriage and that mariage should be between a man and a woman. Said women “do not think the same way as men”. Said that women in marriage are like prostitutes. Slipper subsequently had sexual harassment and fraud allegations levelled against him and had to stand aside Made a deal with an independent to crack down on problem gambling using poker machines.

Reneged on deal when she was able to manipulate numbers to eliminate the need for the independent Said if she had been Aboriginal, rather than a woman, there would have been more outrage at the discrimination she believed she suffered. When she discovered that her speaker referred to a jar of muscles as a jar of delicious “salty cunts”, she stood by him and launched into a speech accusing her critics of misogyny.

Polls showed that she was the most unpopular prime minister in history. It seemed to protect her ego but it had as much success as her office’s plan to set an angry mob of Indigenous people onto her political enemy. Gillard blamed her failure on sexism of the Australian public. Perhaps a more objective reading would be that she was so desperate to hold onto power that she sold her soul to an opposition party and independents in a way that made it impossible to portray herself as honourable, honest and capable of solving the difficult problems.

At the very least, history will not assert her as a leader of great morality.

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Australian visas are available from the Australian Government at a lower cost or for free when you apply directly. A recruitment drive spearheaded by the South Australian Government to attract more female Brits Down Under has used its sun, surf and eligible bachelors as its marketing tools, reports the Telegraph. A national research project has found that women in the UK are attracted to Australian emigration because of its employment opportunities, cheaper property market, better climate, low crime and more importantly, a high ratio of outdoor-loving young men.

So we asked our men, who are bronzed, sportier, and who are enjoying a booming economy, to step up to the plate and entice British women to a better way of life,” he added.

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UK ministers could make agricultural funding subject to the Barnett formula, the landowners warned, meaning Scotland getting a population share of around nine per cent of total CAP funds instead of the 16 per cent currently allocated. The Prime Minister indicated that Westminster would set up the frameworks for the replacement schemes to the Common Agricultural Policy and the Common Fisheries Policy to ensure there was no fragmentation of the British market.

Further powers over delivering would be devolved to give the Scottish Parliament flexibility. Nicola Sturgeon has demanded that all agricultural powers repatriated from Brussels come to Scotland Credit: But it warned that the total devolution of agriculture powers repatriated from Brussels may make it more difficult for the UK Government to negotiate international trade deals and create internal barriers to trade. NFU Scotland also said there must be a commonly agreed framework, with the UK and Scottish governments agreeing what measures should be included in it.

A Scottish Government spokesman said:

Sugar cane boats dating back to s found in an Australian river Online

The rural Facebook group Central Station invited farmers to contribute to its mental awareness campaign. Central Station Close For years the agricultural industry has been trying to find ways to bridge the divide between city and pastoral life. As urban centres grow, Australians are becoming increasingly disconnected with the life on farms and stations, but social media is slowly changing that trend.

Nowadays platforms like Facebook and Instagram are playing an increasingly important role educating city dwellers about where their food comes from, paddock to plate. Blogging on Central Station A blog which shares stories on social media from pastoral properties across northern Australia, has become a vital tool for connecting consumers to the northern beef industry.

Sep 29,  · Farmers market lies exposed: hidden camera investigation. Is the produce you’re buying at the farmers market grown locally? Marketplace goes on an undercover shopping trip and catches vendors.

Whittaker and Sons , J. If you want to read about the history of this iconic brand and huge chain of grocery stores, I wrote about it here. At least a couple of those were substantial. December the first marked five years of the Longwhitekid blog. This is the fourth or fifth annual Yuletide-themed post. However I had a lot to choose from.

Inevitably, most of the images are commercially related hence the title of this article. It will probably be quite different since my membership went up by thousands in part due to a mention in the NZ Herald and some things got hundreds of likes. I sort of have an idea what the top image was, but the rest will be just as much as surprise to me as it will be to you.

Until then, happy holidays and all that stuff.

White farmers flee South Africa in fear of land grab

Marine archaeologist Dr Brad Duncan found the historic boats which were used to transport sugar cane from local farms to sugar mills in the s. Dr Duncan said it was a kayaking magazine that helped him find the coordinates of the water graveyard. He then pinned the coordinates on Google Earth where he saw ‘scallop shapes’ in the water. A man has incredibly used Google Earth to help discover more than boats pictured dating back to the early s on the Clarence river, in New South Wales’ north coast Pictured Punt used in the production of sugar and rum along the Albert River.

Wayne Thomas, Australian Sugar Industry Museum manager, told Daily Mail Australia that most of the boats were used to bring harvested cane from the farms to mills. At the mill the cane would then be trans-loaded on to the wharf at the mill,’ Mr Thomas said.

Australian One Sheet. In the quest to land the girl of his dreams, our young hero buys some new wheels, only to find the salesman has switched cars on him. Dating the Enemy () Australian One Sheet. Babe and the farmers wife find themselves in the big city trying to save the farm. Our little hero finds it hard in the tough streets.

Hot webcam dating sites without registration Australian farmers dating site chennai girls for dating with mobile number We work hard to make sure that your safety and privacy are never compromised. You can use our site on your computer, tablet and mobile phone. If you’ve been on the site for a while it might be time to give your profile a makeover. Updating your profile will make it feature higher in searches and attract more people. Read More We are two sisters from a farming background, who have always had a passion for the countryside and the outdoors.

The ODA monitors enquiry and complaint levels and the issues complained about. It can intervene if it sees worrying trends or serious matters of concern. Many of you might remember that the words “the farmer wants a wife” originally came from the lyrics of the children’s nursery rhyme The Farmer’s In His Den, a game in which a group of children form a circle around one child the ‘farmer’ and start singing: Since then, the site has gone from strength to strength, with thousands of people from the UK and Ireland joining every month and many thousands of success stories.

Whilst our team has expanded over the years, we’re still a family-run business, operating out of a converted barn on a farmyard in Northamptonshire, and pride ourselves on our friendly customer-service and the fact that we are the only independent dating site for genuine country-minded people.

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Lentils piled high in the Wimmera. Melissa Powell Farmers also expressed frustration that the move by India went in the opposite direction to steps taken around the world to reduce trade barriers between nations. Asked how farmers felt about the new Indian tariff, Mr Jochinke said: By submitting your email you are agreeing to Fairfax Media’s terms and conditions and privacy policy.

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Queensland Australia Click here to read the full text of the First Manual of the Interstellar Space Mission Hills Hoist Intended for drying laundry, but makes a great toy too Adelaide car mechanic Lance Hill had a brilliant idea in and came up with a clothes line that was so practical and user friendly that every Australian wanted one and in the next 50 years his factory produced one million of them and made him a multi-millionaire.

Next to the barbeque this is standard equipment for every Aussie back yard. As you see above, it is a multi purpose household item too! Life Savers reel To help life savers get back to shore after reaching their rescuee Bondi Life Savers Club captain Lyster Ormsby in invented a large reel from which a rope ran out that attached to the life saver with a belt.

This has helped them save at least people in the nearly one century since starting the club. Locust Muncher Terry Bediavas is a farmer in Paringa, South Australia, and when locusts swarmed down in plague proportions to eat his crop he put his brain in to gear and invented the locust muncher pictured above. It works on the same principle as birds getting sucked into jet engines and shreds the locusts into pieces and eliminates them without any chemicals.

See the machine in action on the Youtube video below Long life plastic bag In two Melbourne engineers invented this plastic bag that filters out ethylene and keeps vegetables fresh for a long time. Lutec Photo by www. The machine pictured above will, once kickstarted from a battery, produce watts of DC electricity twenty four hours a day, every day, which will be stored in a battery bank and then inverted to AC power and connected directly into the home or business, all this without ever needing extra fuel.

To make things even better, the batteries will last ten years and the magnets that are responsible for the generation will have an effective life of one thousand three hundred years.

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Hierarchy, founder ideology and Austronesian expansion, in Fox, J. Origins, ancestry and alliance: Department of Anthropology, Australian National University. Taiwan and the prehistory of the Austronesian-speaking people. The Review of Archaeology Fall: Bayesian analysis of radiocarbon dates.

Colombian Female Farmers – Farmers Dating – New Zealand Look through the listings of Female members here at Meet Farmers NZ that are associated with Colombian. Meeting other singles that have like minded interests is a great way to find things to do on a first date.

Russian and American Dating Styles Canadian Brides Canada is a culturally diverse country with people coming from all over the world to gain residency, so there is no single way to describe what a Canadian woman looks like. Each Canadian woman has her own beauty, though you can meet women with pale, black, tanned, and even oriental features.

From Asian to Caucasian ethnicity and everything in between, they are feminine, wear a little but not too much makeup, and enjoy the latest fashions. In short, they strive to act and look classy. Canadian women are not only beautiful but also are intelligent and sophisticated. Most Canadian women are proud of their country and culture so before meeting Canadian women learn some facts about Canada. They are very well educated and are always encouraged to pursue a higher degree.

Many women in Canada expect to have an equal share in all areas, be it in the home or the workplace. When it comes to relationships they need respect and enjoy receiving at least the occasional compliment from the men they are with. About Canada Canada is a country in North America consisting of 10 provinces and 3 territories. Its capital is Ottawa and its most populous city is Toronto.

With a population of approximately 35 million, Canada is one of the world’s most ethnically and religiously diverse, multicultural nations in the world. Canada’s two official languages are English and French, which is spoken pretty much exclusively in the province of Quebec.

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The decade was particularly marked by a change in the shape of women’s skirts, both in the use of gored skirt and in the addition of the oval hoop. Dress skirts and bodices also received more surface decoration, marking a move into the exuberant Victorian age. On a different note, reform dress made an appearance.

Use the graph below to take a peek dating british women what the app is all about. Hey So I m Australian, 19 years old and an army girlfriend. Top MMO Articles. or the wandering farmers. How to turn around a conversation with a woman that is showing no interest to know you before you say.

Hot webcam dating sites without registration Dating for farmers consolidating money after marriage Although traditional biltong is just dried and preserved meat, Biltong Demon, as the name might suggest, have spiced up their offerings to include pepper biltong, garlic biltong and a fiery chilli biltong, all of which are sliced from the dried meat as you watch. Based in Owslebury, Winchester, Biltong Demon are another local company providing an exotic food sourced from local ingredients.

Biltong is naturally preserved meat, in this case slices of finest silverside from locally reared New Forest beef. After air drying in a South African drying cupboard, the meat is preserved only by the addition of salt; no other preservatives are used. Most of their eggs are sold within less than 24 hours of being laid, and they are never more than 48 hours old. Everything is homemade and, that means actually made by their members, in their own home kitchens. There are a number of smaller car parks in the area, as well.

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Emotional letter begs Australian banks to leave ‘humiliated’ farmers alone

Yellabidde Cave, Northern Swan Coastal Plain, Southwestern Australia Aboriginal History of Australia Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least 60, years, arriving by boat from south Asia at about that time, or possibly earlier. By 35, BP to 25, BP ancestral Aboriginal People had occupied all major environmental zones of Sahul Greater Australia , from the large islands off the northeastern coast of Papua New Guinea in the equatorial region, to the southernmost part of Tasmania.

At the time of the arrival of Europeans in Australia it was declared an unoccupied land, as the Aboriginal People didn’t practice agriculture, so the colonists could take over without even consulting the locals.

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